Pricing for Fleet Operators

Using roads is a shared responsibility by all users , be they cyclists, motorists or pedestrian, and to improve its safety we have to all work together.

Smart investment

Upfront payment - 50 CREDIT

The upfront payment provides you with 50 credit. It also gives you access to training materials and software, as well as provides guidance, support and training to help your trainers to do what they do best: train people in an engaging and innovative way to help them develop their skills or learn new ones.

What's included
  • Smartphone app (iOS)
  • Customer Portal (admin)
  • Booklet (PDF)
  • Workbook (PDF)
  • Method Cards (PDF)
  • Training Presentation (PPT)
  • Trainer Notes (PDF)
  • 20% discount on VR headset*
Credit per driver

After you have used all the initial 50 credit, we charge only £14,50 per additional driver/ credit. This will give companies the flexibility and freedom to deliver the Safe Urban Driving training in their own way and at their own pace. The only other additional costs come if you decide to try any of our product’s add-ons.

What's included
  • Unique Certification Number
  • PDF 'Statement of Accomplishment' document

Add Ons


We provide insights to understand how your drivers are progressing through the course, as well as monitor the performance of trainers.

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Create your own videos

With our professional video production solution, we can create your own high quality (4K) videos. You choose the scenarios and locations and we do the filming.

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White label solution

We can customise the course, training materials, and software to fit with your own unique brand.

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