Design Lab

Change begins with ideas.

Our mission

FrancisKodak is a family business, one that we have worked hard at building over the past seven years. Our aim is to have a significant impact on making our roads safer.

The challenge is to build a culture that allows us to continually ask hard questions about the vision and the value of the organisation, with the idea that things are going to change, always. To overcome this challenge, we have to continually create new ideas, innovate, and reinvent ourselves.

Innovation, human-centered design and a passion for road safety is in our DNA. This means we research, design and develop forward-looking products, and are committed to continually improving their quality, as well as the integrity of our brand. We cannot do this alone.

That is why we collaborate with our customers and users to form partnerships that produce the best possible products, operations and services that help them meet their goals.

When you choose to work with us, you know that you will have access to a team that is disciplined, works well together, executes at the highest standard, consistently, and – most importantly - is passionate about improving people’s life.

Linda Kodak - Francis Boroczky